Inside of Be@rbrick LoopWheeler 1000%

Finally I found a picture of how is the 1000% LoopWheeler look like without the costume. Wondring what is the color of the Be@rbrick. Here you are, found this pictures from Yahoo! Auction Japan.

Picture after the jump.

Another nice Be@rbrick that just released. The 100% and 400% is a flock version white the 1000% is with the LoopWheeler costume. Wondering what is the Be@rbrick look like once take off the costume. If I able to find a picture of it then will share it here.

Released : 26-Sept-09


Credits :

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Be@rbrick 100% ZacPac Bad Town

ZacPac Bad Town Limited 100% Be@rbrick.
Set to release on 25-Sept-09

Available at here

Tamashii Nation 2009 Autumn "Zodiac" 200% Chogokin Be@rbrick

We seen the Be@rbrick new line, 200% Be@rbrick Chogokin in White and Black. Now for the 3rd 200% come in Gold. This is Tamashii Nation 2009 Autumn "Zodiac" 200% Be@rbrick Chogokin. Price at 9,000 円. Really a cool one. Next will be the Contemporary Fix in Silver, so when will the bronze pop out.

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Be@rbrick Halloween 2009 Glow in Dark is up for pre-order at Action City Malaysia. 100% + 400% Halloween Glow in Dark for RM 269.80 from 25-Sept to 04-Oct. Limited Stock! First Come, First Served! Act fast before too late.

You can pre-order at Action City Garden and Action City 1 Utama.

Medicom Toy Updates - Sept-09

As previously already posted that Medicom Toy website will update by midnite and usually the site is updated at around 11PM. So as expected what will featured in the updates. Great thing is we get to know what will be featured in Be@rbrick Series 19.

Here are some of the picture of the upcoming Be@rbrick.

Medicom Toy website just updated. They released the license that featured in Be@rbrick Series 19. Here is the the list.

BE@RBRICK TM & (C) 2001-2009
All rights reserved. 
(C) 2009 Pretty Ugly LLC
(C) 2009 Paramount Pictures Corporation.
(C) 2009 CBS Studios Inc. STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.
(C) 2009 Watanabe Entertainment Co., LTD. 
Jimmy SPA (C) by Jimmy Liao.
Design by Jimmy S.P.A. Co.,Ltd.
Bad Robot  is a trademark owned by Bad Robot LLC.
(C) 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Picture from Medicom Toy.

Medicom Toy website will be updated as of 00:00 24-Sept-09, that is tonight midnite. My guess is LoopWheeler, Halloween will be show in the website. Maybe what I previously posted will be updated in tonight updates.

Stay tune for more updates.

Here is a picture of the upcoming Be@rbrick that will be released. Finally we have a picture of the real Peter Pan Halloween Mickey Mouse Be@rbrick picture and some of the new Be@rbrick picture..

Tamashi Nation 2009 Autumn Exhibition is on 2-Oct to 4-Oct at AKIBA SQUARE of Akihabara UDX. This 200% Gold Chogokin Be@rbrick with the 12 zodiac logo on the chest is one of the item for sale during the event. Price at ¥ 9000. A very cool item for Chogokin fans and Be@rbrick collector as this is the 200% Chogokin, as previously already released White and Black now come in Gold.

Source : bearbrickmania

Be@rbrick 100% + 400% Caperino & Peperone "art of sleeping"

Caperino & Peperone or in short Cap & Pep, released the new Be@rbrick called as "art of sleeping". This is come in 100% and 400%. The 100% is a bundle with CD Boxset. Nice packaging for the 100%.

Peter Pan Halloween Mickey Be@rbrick in 100% and 400% by 7-11. This was announced last 2 month ago and now there are slighty changes for the price and also release date.

100% ¥1575 → ¥1500
400% ¥6090 → ¥6000

Release Date : 27-Oct-09 → 17-Nov-09

Can order it from here.
For 100% and 400%


We already saw the first 200% Chogokin in White and Black. Then it released 200% Chogokin in Gold at Tamashi Nation 2009. When there is a Gold color, Silver and Bronze sure in the list. Now here is the Silver 200% Chogokin, THE CONTEMPORARY FIX 200% Be@rbrick. So this is the 4th 200%.

This Be@rbrick will released on 25-Oct-09 price tag at ¥8400 and it is available at here. Still not sure is this a shop exclusive or online exclusive Be@rbrick but this is a limited edition. Hope soon will have more information for this.

So what next? Bronze 200% Be@rbrick.

Today I collected one of my favourite Be@rbrick that is B@BY. My First Be@rbrick B@BY released the 3rd version. This time it is come in black in the front and silver chrome at behind. While inside have black, silver chrome, and silver pearl balls.

Designed by Chiaki Kuriyama.

Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone.
I'm a Be@rbrick collector since 2005. Not a hardcore person but I really likes the design and appreciate the art in Be@rbrick. So now I'm starting a blog is to update the latest news regarding of course related Be@rbrick from various source and share it out here to all the Be@rbrick Fans. Hope I able to share with you all the latest news and bring the Be@rbrick Love to everyone.

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