MATT BLACK Be@rbrick 400%

Check out a better look of the MATT BLACK 400% Be@rbrick. I'm not aware that it is a chrome until I saw this picture. I think probably the official picture didn't really show it is shiny. Now you can have a better look of it together with the boxart.

Black Comme des Garcons 3000% Be@rbrick

Your eyes don't have any problem as you saw a giant black Be@rbrick at behind. Black Comme des Garcons 3000% Be@rbrick is displayed at Comme des Garcons Trading Museum, Tokyo. Seriously this is the biggest Be@rbrick ever.

X'mas 2009 Be@rbrick Pre-Order

One of the best X'mas Be@rbrick design is available for pre-order at Action City Malaysia. Preorder starts from 28th Nov 2009 at RM59.80.

By Action City Malaysia

GETTRY 100% & 400% Be@rbrick

A very cool hamburger design of Be@rbrick. This is in conjunction of GETTY, a sneaker shop 5th Anniversary. Probably this is a shop exclusive Be@rbrick. Price at 1,575 YEN for 100% and 7,140 YEN for 400%

Source :

Be@rbrick Chogokin Saint Seiya "Zodiac" Version will be available for preorder at Action City The Gardens by this weekend. Preorder starts from 28th Nov 2009 at RM499.80.

Each customer limited to preorder one Be@rbrick. First come, First served.

By Action City Malaysia

Be@rbrick Series 19. Seriously I love this series a lot. Really a very cool series. Personally the only design that I don't like is the Animal which is look a bit weird to me. Pattern is very cool and based on the picture it is a flock Be@rbrick same goes to Jimmy SPA for the 4% Artist. Nice Uglydolls, cute SF from the Star Trek.

This is a must get series. Can't wait to see what is the secret in Series 19.

MATT BLACK Be@rbrick 400%

- Release Date : 28th November 2009
- 9,240 YEN
- Designed by MATT BLACK
- Domestic Limited 500 pcs

One of the best design for X'mas that I ever see. Now it is official and have a look of the nice packaging. 2009 X'mas Be@rbrick is set to release in 5th Dec. Can't wait for this.

Be@rbrick International Love Heart 200% Chogokin
- Release Date : 5th December 2009
- 8,190 YEN
- Domestic Limited 1000 pcs

Be@rbrick Series 19 - Horror (Uglydolls)

Right after the Be@rbrick Series 19 picture is floating in the internet, now have a look of the Be@rbrick Series 19 Horror by Uglydolls. This is really a nice one. I like the Uglydolls and nice to see a crossover in Be@rbrick.

More pictures after the click.

Be@rbrick Tetris Online, now available at RM69.80 at Action City Malaysia.

By Action City Malaysia

Be@rbrick Where the Wild Things Are

Hello everyone! Is a Beautiful Sunday! Please drop by Action City to check out the latest Kubrick & Be@rbrick from the movie - Where the Wild Things Are.

Special Release Price :
Be@rbrick Where the Wild Things Are 400% - RM199.80
Be@rbrick Where the Wild Things Are & Kubrick Max - RM99.80

By Action City Malaysia

This is the next Be@rbrick Series 19 that will be release next month, 18 Dec. Let's we identify the Be@rbrick.

The wait is over. Finally we can see the design for Be@rbrick Series 19. Lot of new Be@rbrick is coming soon too. Medicom Toy will update their website on this coming 24-Nov. Think we will able to check out more from the official website.

Previously we posted about the new COMME des GARCONS Be@rbrick. It is released in Japan and it comes in three color.

Check it out.

7-11 Peter Pan Mickey 100% & 400% Be@rbrick

We posted about this Be@rbrick 2 months ago and now it is released. Check out the nice boxart for this Be@rbrick.

Source : J.ME

COMME des GARCONS 2009 Holiday 400% Be@rbrick

In this picture, you can notice a Be@rbrick is in display. Based on the info from BE@RBRICK MANIA, it seem to be a 400% Be@rbrick. Check out the following picture. Seem like it comes in Red and Blue.

Check out the Dover Street Market website.

T-19 400% Be@rbrick

T-19 is featured in Be@rbrick Series 16 as a hidden Be@rbrick. Now it comes in bigger size, 400%. We are not sure for the actual release date yet. Waiting for upcoming to update by end of this month. Hopefully also have the picture of next month Series 19.


Be@rbrick MATT BLACK 400%

Info from Be@rbrick Mania.

Be@rbrick Matt Black 400%
Release Date : 28-Nov-09
9240 YEN Limited 500 pcs domestic.

Matt Black Studio


In the Medicom Toy Exhibition 2009, Be@rbrick International Love Heart 1000% is released during the exhibition in June. So this design had released 100%, 400% and 1000%, now here it comes, Be@rbrick International Love Heart 200% Chogokin. This probably will be the 5th Be@rbrick Chogokin.

As of Be@rbrick Mania site, this will be released in 5-Dec-09 and price at 8190 YEN. They are not sure is this limited to 1000 pcs. All we have to wait is the official website to be updated then we will have the details for this.

Will update once have more information for this Be@rbrick.


Be@rbrick & Kubrick Megaman (Rockman) & Protoman (Blues)

In case you have completely forgotten everything about the classic Nintendo Game - The Mega Man, the all new Be@rbrick & Kubrick Mega Man (Rockman) & Proto Man (Blues) should bring back your memories! Preorder yours now at RM99.80 for each set of two!!!

Preorder starts from 06/11/2009 to 15/11/2009.

By Action City Malaysia

Be@rbrick & Kubrick Up will be available for preorder at RM99.80 from 1pm today to 15/11/2009.
Don't miss it!

Be@rbrick Chogokin Chrome Pre-Order

Be@rbrick Chogokin Chrome, the best Be@rbrick ever. Available for preorder at RM399.80 in Action City The Gardens. Preorder starts from tomorrow - 06/11/2009 to 15/11/2009.

Each customer limited to preorder one Be@rbrick. First come, First served.

By Action City Malaysia

Santa Claus 50% Be@rbrick

This year the Merry Green Christmas 50% Be@rbrick will start selling on 5-Dec-09 until the X'mas Day. Price at 300 YEN only. One person only can purchase one on a day which mean they can purchase up to 20 pieces. This year the fluorescent yellow, fluorescent pink and the fluorescent green joined the last year color so total 4 design.

More details at here


WESC the famous unique headphone will crossover with Be@rbrick for this WESC 100% Be@rbrick. This Be@rbrick set to release in next year February. Seriously I like all the 4 design.

Click here for more pictures.