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It is going to be 6 months old for this blog as since I started at Sept 2009. First of all I would like to thanks all my reader as had been following this blog. Appreciate your visit to my blog. I decided to close this blog but don’t worry, this is not a Bye message for my readers. I won’t leave all my reader with my latest updates and news of Be@rbrick as I love Be@rbrick a lot just like you do.

Start from today I will post Be@rbrick news in a new place, ToyBeast. Actually I had been posting in ToyBeast for quite sometime if you didn’t notice that. Now I decided to focus in one blog in order to serve you all with more news of Be@rbrick in future. Everything will be the same just a different domain name. So please go to ToyBeast and continue support me.

Remember to join the Toy Beast Facebook Fans page and Twitter if you haven’t. My current Be@rbrick Fans email is still valid as I will regularly check from time to time. You also can contact me with my new email, [adrian]@[]. Share with me the latest news that you know or anything regarding Be@rbrick.

Thanks for all your support.

Toy Story Be@rbrick in June 2010

Ironman teaser was posted not too long ago, and now another new teaser is posted. Toy Story is coming to Be@rbrick too. OMG.... My favourite cartoon...... Woody? Buzz LightYear....
Seriously can't wait to see it.

Source : ToyBeast

Posted in ToyBeast as a teaser picture for the upcoming Be@rbrick. Based on the teaser picture is it showed the Ironman is coming for Be@rbrick. Release in June 2010. No information yet for this Be@rbrick. Hope soon we will know more about this.

Source : ToyBeast

Invincible Be@rbrick 100%

Previously I already posted the upcoming Be@rbrick of Taiwan shop, INVINCIBLE with Medicom Toy. Now it seem to be official. Invincible Be@rbrick will release in April with the price tag NT680. 

Maybe this can be get from some Taiwan online shop. I will post it out if I found any. So for those interested, maybe can get it too. But for my personal opinion, this is just like the Be@rbrick Series - Snake Skin with a Thermo effect.

Stay tune for more.

New Hiroshi Fujiwara Be@rbrick?

ToyBeast just posted as they get to know Hiroshi Fujiwara is working on a new Be@rbrick and it going to release in June. My first taught is, could this be Be@rbrick Series 20 since June is the the month for Series. Well we hope to get more information soon. We can't wait for more. Check it out more at ToyBeast.

Be@rbrick Nitraid (Clear ver.)

Be@rbrick Nitraid that released in mid of 2008 now comes in clear transparent version.

Source : - Be@rbrick Mania -


I posted about the M@RIBRICK before and now this Be@rbrick get official. M@RIBRICK is going to release in August 2010 and carry the price tag 2,700 YEN. Pre-order start now at the website until end of April 2010.

Click here for more info.

Source : - Be@rbrick Mania -

Be@rbrick Anna Sui that released in 50% and 100% now is time for the bigger one, 400%. This Be@rbrick Anna Sui is going to release on 7-April to 13-April at Isetan Shinjuku. As can be seen in the picture, it will be 8,190 YEN.

Stay tunes for more updates.

Source : - Be@rbrick Mania -
Picture taken from kazuki1105

Be@rbrick Ren & Stimpy 400%

Guess what I just found this in Medicom Toy Official Blog, that posted the New York Toy Fair at Jacob Javits Convention Center. I realized something in the picture. I think it is quite obvious too, Be@rbrick Series 18, Ren & Stimpy is in bigger version, 400%. I think this probably will be a box set, 2 pcs 400% just like Be@rbrick Series 16 Gachipan & Mukku.

Valentine Day & White Day Birthday Be@rbrick 70%

Today I just get my Be@rbrick from my cousin that he brought back from Japan. Yes is the Valentine Day & White Day Birthday Be@rbrick 70% 2 pcs Set.

Check it out more after the jump.

Be@rbrick Tomokazu Matsuyama 100% & 400%

Be@rbrick Tomokazu Matsuyama 100% & 400%
- Release Date : 6-Mar-2010
- 9,240 YEN
- Domestic Limited 300 pcs.

Be@rbrick Tokidoki Fighter 100%
- Release Date : 27-Feb-2010
- 1,575 YEN
- Domestic Limited 500 pcs.

Be@rbrick Chip & Dale 100% 2pcs Set
- Release Date : July 2010
- 2,604 YEN

9 Be@rbrick
- Release Date : Feb 2010
- Giveaway gift for customer that purchase ticket for the theater.
- 3,000 pcs limited only.

Newtype Be@rbrick

Newtype Be@rbrick 70%
- Release Date : 10-Mar-2010
- 780 YEN

Love Me Be@rbrick 100%
- Release Date : Mar 2010
- 1,575 YEN

Upcoming Be@rbrick with Disney Character, Be@rbrick Chip & Dale 2 pcs Set. This set is going to release in July with the price tag of 2,084 YEN.

I think tonight will have Feb' 10 updates for Medicom Toy and website. Stay tunes for more...

Cali≠gari Be@rbrick 100%

Previously posted the Japanese band Cali≠gari Be@rbrick, now let's check out the Be@rbrick as it is released in Japan. Nice plain white with their logo on the body. Simple and nice one, as I like white a lot.

Be@rbrick Matzu 100% & 400%

More pictures of the upcoming Be@rbrick Matzu 100% & 400%. This Be@rbrick set to released in March 10. No official updates for this yet but I'm sure this will be on of the updates for Feb updates.

Be@rbrick Invincible 100%

Remember I posted the Be@rbrick Invincible before, now here is the Be@rbrick design for the Invincible. Yet don't have any official information or release date for this.

Source : J.ME

Be@rbrick Uglydoll Adventure Set

Thanks to my reader, Angeline that informed me about this Be@rbrick. This is obviously a upcoming Uglydoll Be@rbrick. We already saw the first Be@rbrick of Uglydoll - Wage in Be@rbrick Series 19. Now this will be in boxset of 2, and the character is Ice-Bat and Ox.

No official information yet but I'm pretty sure this is coming soon. Stay tune for more updates.

Found out some updates for this. Posted in David Horvath blog, This set will be available in July.

Credits : Angeline


In conjunction of the opening of Laforet on 26-Feb-2010 at ATMOS SELECT. For those that buy the Anniversary T-shirt or purchase more than 10,000 YEN then entitled this Atmos Crazy Star Black Be@rbrick for free.

More info at ATMOS SELECT.

Source : - BE@RBRICK MANIA -

Tomokazu Matsuyama (Matzu) Be@rbrick 100% & 400%

Tomokazu Matsuyama or well known as Matzu that designed for Be@rbrick Series 17 Secret and now here come the new design from Matzu. I know about the Matzu Be@rbrick is coming since last year Medicom Toy Exhibition in June but due to not much info therefore unable to confirm which one is it.

Now we get to know this is the upcoming design from Matzu. I'm a person that like white a lot, therefore this is really a nice Be@rbrick design with some calligraphy art. Official information is not yet release but I think this will be one of the Be@rbrick to be show in this month updates and I think the release date for this also is around end of February or March.

Just found out that this Be@rbrick Set will release on 10 March. So we will see this in February updates.

Source : - Be@rbrick Mania -

Be@rbrick Gigor

Be@rbrick Gigor 100% & 400% is going to released on 20th Feb 2010 at Japan. And for those that pre-order from Action City Malaysia should be getting soon after the release. Check out the new pictures posted in Gigor website. This Be@rbrick is in conjunction of Gigor 10th Anniversary.

Be@rbrick Tokidoki Fighter 100%

Be@rbrick Tokidoki Fighter 100% is released at bare toys. This Be@rbrick is not yet official from website and now is on sale. As I know this Be@rbrick is scheduled release in Feb therefore maybe the official information will be up by end of this month. Since it is going to release in this month and I think it will be release in Action City Malaysia soon.

This is the 9th Wood Be@rbrick, Medicom X Karimoku More Trees Be@rbrick 400%. This is released today at Haven Shop. Another great Wood Be@rbrick for collector. As usual Wood Be@rbrick is not a cheap Be@rbrick to have it. 5% of all sales will donate to the forest for replanting.

Cali gari Be@rbrick

Japanese Visual Rock Band Cali≠gari is releasing their Be@rbrick on 11-Feb-2010 at Nippon Budokan. Unconfirmed of the units available for this Be@rbrick, price at 1,500 YEN. 

Check it out more at here.

Thanks to upper from Be@rbrick Mania.

Be@rbrick Shon, not much information is released for this Be@rbrick. It probably another Be@rbrick crossover with a retailer shop. Check it out more at here.

This is a custom made Be@rbrick. Thanks for the info.

Credits : J.ME

Be@rbrick Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Black & White ver.

Finally Be@rbrick Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Black & White version is released. This 2 pack set is really nice. I would say it really classic. The packaging also well done. Give it a very oldies style. Took some cool pictures with this Be@rbrick set. Photoshoped with some effect to make it have the classic feel.Love it.

Check it out.....


Got this from Be@rbrick Mania. Former Morning Musume, Mari Yaguchi posted a Be@rbrick design and called as M@RIBRICK in her own blog. Don't have official information for this Be@rbrick yet but this Be@rbrick is quite cute too.

Be@rbrick Tokidoki Fighter 100%

Be@rbrick Tokidoki Fighter 100%. This will be the fifth Be@rbrick design from Tokidoki. The first is the green color, Goal Tokidoki, second is the LA Robber then follow by Series 18 Artist and the latest is the Taiwan Toys Festival (TTF) version. Now this is Fighter from Tokidoki.

No official statement release by Medicom Toy yet. Based on what I know, this Be@rbrick should be release in February but wondering why they still not yet announce it.

Thanks to upper from Be@rbrick Mania for the news.

Levi's X Medicom Toy 1000% Denim Be@rbrick

Remember we posted about the Levi's X Medicom Toy of the 1000% Be@rbrick? Now here is it. Thanks to that send me this.

Check out more picture of this cool Be@rbrick.

Be@rbrick International Love Heart 200% Chogokin

Finally got myself another Chogokin, Be@rbrick 200% Chogokin International Love Heart. Love this Be@rbrick so much. Seriously I'm very regret as I didn't get the 100% + 400% Set. Then last year also released 1000%, like it but not yet afford to have one at that moment. Then when I know it will release in 200% Chogokin, I said to myself this time I can't miss it again.

I like the design from Alexander Girard. Simple and nice.

Seem like this Be@rbrick released in 100%, 200%, 400%, and also 1000%. Will this in 70% or even 50% like My First B@BY Be@rbrick Colette Version?

Taking picture of a Chogokin is really hard due to reflection. Must get myself a flashlite for my camera.

Invincible Be@rbrick 100%

Invincible is a store at Taiwan are set to release their own Be@rbrick. This is a Thermo Be@rbrick as it will change due to heat.

Not much information yet, will post up once it get official.

In conjunction of the opening of Levi's Concept Shop you may stand a chance to win 5 limited Levi's x Be@rbrick 1000% when you spend NTD 5000 and above. Isn't this is great as able to win a Limited 1000%? Wondering how is the design for this.

Will post up more once get the details of it.

Credits : lulu loves be@rbrick
Source : J.ME

2010 Valentine Be@rbrick is available for Pre-Order start from this weekend, 30-Jan-2010. Head to Action City Malaysia at the Garden Mall on this weekend for this Glow in Dark Valentine Be@rbrick.

Love is in the Air... Be@rbrick Valentine's Day 2010 will be available for preorder this weekend. Get yourself ready!

Preorder Price : RM69.80 ( 30/01/2010 - 07/02/2010 )
Retail Price : RM79.80

Check it out more at Action City Malaysia.

Be@rbrick Evangelion Mari 100%

Be@rbrick Evangelion Mari 100%
- Release Date : 7-Feb-2010
- WonderFest 2010 Exclusive
- 1,575 YEN
- Limited 1000 pcs

2010 Valentine Be@rbrick

2010 Valentine Be@rbrick
- Release Date 30-Jan-2010
- 1,575 YEN
- Glow in Dark

Be@rbrick Star Trek James T.Kirk & Uhura 100% 2 Pack Set
- Release Date : June 2010
- 2,604 YEN

Be@rbrick Star Trek Spock 400% & 1000%
- Release Date : June 2010
- 7,140 YEN (400%)
- 29,400 YEN (1000%)

Be@rbrick Gigor 100% + 400% Set
- Release Date : 20-Feb-2010
- 7,140 YEN (100% + 400%)

Upcoming Be@rbrick - Jan 10

Finally we get the first update of upcoming Be@rbrick for this year, 2010. Check out all the upcoming Be@rbrick in the magazine scan from kumataronosuke. Based on the information, Medicom Toy and will get updates by 24-Jan-2010. Stay tune for more updates from here.

Be@rbrick Chogokin International Love Heart will be release in Action City at The Gardens Mall tomorrow, 23-Jan-2010.

Release Price : RM449.80 (23-24/01/2010)
Retail Price : RM499.80

Be@rbrick Winnie the Pooh & Piglet Set

Be@rbrick Winnie the Pooh & Piglet 2pcs Set is released at Japan. Check out the nice Be@rbrick picture.

Picture taken from kumataronosuke

Be@rbrick Gigor Sneak Preview

From ToyBest, a new Be@rbrick is going to release this year. This is Be@rbrick Gigor based on the posted information. Gigor is an accessories shop at Japan, Not much information for this Be@rbrick. Hope can get more on next week updates from Medicom Toy.

Credits : ToyBeast

Fighter Be@rbrick Preview

Posted at ToyBeast.
An pixelate image of an upcoming Be@rbrick. I guess this Be@rbrick is as previously I posted some upcoming Be@rbrick at here. This is the upcoming Tokidoki Fighter Be@rbrick 100% and by right this will be release next month.

Hope to see a details picture soon.

Credits : ToyBeast

Fatlace Be@rbrick

This is a sample Be@rbrick design that yet to be release. Posted in as this is the Fatlace Be@rbrick. He said that 2 product will be release soon. Based on the sample, this will be a pretty nice Be@rbrick too.

Credits : ToyBeast

Yesterday we posted about the Valentine Day & White Day Be@rbrick 70% 2pcs Set. Now let's us have a preview of the Valentine 2010 Be@rbrick.

We came across ToyBeast, stated that this Be@rbrick is Glow in Dark in a Pink body. So it same as X'mas as it won't be a pair Be@rbrick, just a single one only. Love heart all over the body and a big love heart on the chest with the word, 'Love & Happy Valentine'.

Source : - BE@RBRICK MANIA -

Valentine Day & White Day Be@rbrick 70% 2pcs Set

Valentine Be@rbrick 2010 is not yet out, but now we have this Valentine Day & White Day Be@rbrick. This is same as the Birthday Be@rbrick. Come in pair for 14-Feb (Valentine Day) and 14-Mar (White Day). Cool set and it just 1,500 YEN only.

Check it out here.

Source : - BE@RBRICK MANIA -

Posted at ToyBeast, Be@rbrick 200% Chogokin Chrome will be available at Action City Malaysia tomorrow start from 8PM. So those who pre-order it, can collect from Action City The Garden.

Another good news is the Be@rbrick 200% Chogokin International Love Heart will be available too. So don't miss another cool Chogokin Be@rbrick.

Source : ToyBeast