Upcoming Be@rbrick | Medicom Toy Exhibition '09

As we are referring to the Medicom Toy Exhibition 09 that held in June 2009 Be@rbrick list, I realized there are some of the upcoming that we still don't know how is the design look like. So I decided to spend sometime to dig back the previous exhibition pictures.

Here are the upcoming Be@rbrick in the Medicom Toys Exhibition 09 list that still not yet announce.

Be@rbrick Matt Black 400%
Be@rbrick Matzu 100% & 400%
Be@rbrick STPL 100% & 400%
Be@rbrick Tokidoki – Fighter 100%

Finally I able to find the pictures of those Be@rbrick but just a preview for it as not the full picture of it. This all pictures was taken during the exhibition.

Think this pictures is quite obvious which one is not announce.

Another pictures that indicate without my comment.

At first I didn't really know, but after I paid some attention then I found it. Another nice design from the artist.

Pictures taken from : Opener


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