more trees Wooden 400% Be@rbrick

Another nice wood Be@rbrick which I only can just have a look of it and not even think of having it. This is limited of 120 pieces only and price at 78750 YEN, which cost around RM 3100. Usual price for a wood Be@rbrick. 5% of the sales will be used for forest integrity activity. This Be@rbrick set to release in January 2010.

It used 7 tree kinds material of tress. The face are differ of every arm, body and foot. This make the BE@RBRICK unique. The tree name describe in Japanese and English, and it feel like when we are small kids we write on the tree.

The cardboard of purity of the playback material is used to the package of the product, inside preventing the impact when transporting, in order load to environment the maximum to hold down

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Images from rumors


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