more trees Wooden 400% Be@rbrick

Another nice wood Be@rbrick which I only can just have a look of it and not even think of having it. This is limited of 120 pieces only and price at 78750 YEN, which cost around RM 3100. Usual price for a wood Be@rbrick. 5% of the sales will be used for forest integrity activity. This Be@rbrick set to release in January 2010.

It used 7 tree kinds material of tress. The face are differ of every arm, body and foot. This make the BE@RBRICK unique. The tree name describe in Japanese and English, and it feel like when we are small kids we write on the tree.

The cardboard of purity of the playback material is used to the package of the product, inside preventing the impact when transporting, in order load to environment the maximum to hold down

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Be@rbrick Chrome Chogokin 200%

Yesterday I posted the picture of the Contemporary Fix Chogokin Be@rbrick and taught is not the same as Be@rbrick Chrome Chogokin 200%. Today I saw the picture and noticed the black cover is just a cover for the box. Check out the following picture.

As we are referring to the Medicom Toy Exhibition 09 that held in June 2009 Be@rbrick list, I realized there are some of the upcoming that we still don't know how is the design look like. So I decided to spend sometime to dig back the previous exhibition pictures.

The Contemporary Fix Chogokin Be@rbrick 200% Limited

When I saw this picture I was thinking, ain't this is the Chrome Chogokin? So what is the different? Packaging is different as this one seem to have a special box while the Chrome Chogokin using the normal box like the White, Black, Gold.

Anyone would like to clear my taught? Is it the same or not?
Kindly go to Contemporary Fix website.

Birthday Be@rbrick 70% (50mm), in both eyes representing the birth stone with chestnut star rise. This is set to release in Nov 2009, 700 YEN each.

Made with CRYSTALLIZED (TM) - Swarovski Elements.

Medicom Toy Site Updated

As usual once the magazine scan is released, the Medicom Toy website will be updated. Head to Medicom Toys for more details of the upcoming items from Medicom Toy. Birthday Be@rbrick got my attention and get to know the crystal is from Swarovski. While the Carl & Up Logo, at the website it stated as it is still a prototype.

Here is the updates for the upcoming Be@rbrick.

Carl & Up Logo Be@rbrick & Kubrick Set

Right after we found the picture of Alice in Wonderland, then we saw the Carl & Up Logo Be@rbrick too. This set is quite nice. Carl is looking good in Kubrick while the Be@rbrick is simple and nice too. This set to release in Feb 2010.

Credits : Forbidden Planet

Previously we had posted about Alice in Wonderland Be@rbrick and Kubrick Set, finally we spotted a picture of the design at Forbidden Planet as it is up for pre-order.

Credits : Forbidden Planet

Stainless Be@rbrick 1000%

Last year in Medicom Toy Exhibition 08, this 1000% Stainless Be@rbrick was get a lot of attention. Now this Be@rbrick is going to release with the price tag ¥ 5,250 000. Guess how much will be it? Is around RM 200k. I think this is the most expensive Be@rbrick in history. This Be@rbrick weight at 13.5kg

This is really not an ordinary Be@rbrick to own.

Finally we get to see the 2009 Christmas Be@rbrick. Seriously this is really nice design. This is same as the previously released Tokyo Tower Be@rbrick. This one really cannot miss as your X'mas present.

This Be@rbrick available for pre-order at Action City Singapore from 23-Oct.

Picture taken from Action City Singapore.

Alice in Wonderland - Mad Hatter Kubrick + Cheshire Cat Be@rbrick Set will release in March 2010.
This is just the prototype picture of it will look like. Wondering how is the Be@rbrick design? Just a plain black with Alice in Wonderland word on the chest is nice enough.

Source : J.ME.

Be@rbrick FUMIYA THANKS 100%

Be@rbrick FUMIYA THANKS 100% will be sold at the live tour 'F's of Fuji which start fromo 24-Oct-09. Price at 1800 YEN.

Details at here.



Be@rbrick MINOTAUR BOOK SELLER released on 7-Oct at Japan. A golden chrome Be@rbrick.

Be@rbrick Winnie the Pooh & Piglet Set

Winnie the Pooh was featured in Be@rbrick Series 3 that released in April 2002 as a Hidden Be@rbrick. Then Winnie the Pooh also released in a Flock version before. Now Winnie the Pooh pair with Piglet for the 2pcs Set, Be@rbrick Winnie the Pooh & Piglet 2pcs Boxset.

This set is going to release next month, Nov-2009.

Be@rbrick Mickey & Minnie Set

Mickey Mouse was featured in Be@rbrick Series 17. We also saw the Black and White Hidden Mickey in Be@rbrick SSeries 17. Now Mickey no longer lonely, as Minnie is here. Be@rbrick Mickey and Minnie 2 pcs Set is here. This set is set to release in Feb 2010. Still long way to go. Seriously this set is cool. Like the old school Mickey and Minnie. A must get set.

Be@rbrick LoopWheeler available at Action City Malaysia

Be@rbrick Loopwheeler 100%, 400% & 1000% will be available in Action City The Gardens at 10/10/2009. Each customer limited to one set of Be@rbrick. First come, First served.

Be@rbrick Loopwheeler 1000% is limited to 10pcs in Action City The Gardens.

For price kindly visit Action City Malaysia.

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Be@rbrick 400% Cap & Pep Video

Finally I able to upload the video for the Cap & Pep Thermo effect as I promised.

p/s : Can't find any nice background music.

88 Tees Be@rbrick 100%

88 Tees Be@rbrick 100% in Red and Yellow Bikini.
Didn't know about this Be@rbrick till I saw it from Be@rbrick Mania.
This Be@rbrick can purchase via Pay Pal service. Cost $16 each.

Get the 88 Tees Be@rbrick at 88 Tees Online Store.

Credits :  -BE@RBRICK MANIA-