Be@rbrick International Love Heart 200% Chogokin

Finally got myself another Chogokin, Be@rbrick 200% Chogokin International Love Heart. Love this Be@rbrick so much. Seriously I'm very regret as I didn't get the 100% + 400% Set. Then last year also released 1000%, like it but not yet afford to have one at that moment. Then when I know it will release in 200% Chogokin, I said to myself this time I can't miss it again.

I like the design from Alexander Girard. Simple and nice.

Seem like this Be@rbrick released in 100%, 200%, 400%, and also 1000%. Will this in 70% or even 50% like My First B@BY Be@rbrick Colette Version?

Taking picture of a Chogokin is really hard due to reflection. Must get myself a flashlite for my camera.

More pictures at Be@rbrick Fans Page.


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