Be@rbrick Tokidoki Fighter 100%

Be@rbrick Tokidoki Fighter 100%. This will be the fifth Be@rbrick design from Tokidoki. The first is the green color, Goal Tokidoki, second is the LA Robber then follow by Series 18 Artist and the latest is the Taiwan Toys Festival (TTF) version. Now this is Fighter from Tokidoki.

No official statement release by Medicom Toy yet. Based on what I know, this Be@rbrick should be release in February but wondering why they still not yet announce it.

Thanks to upper from Be@rbrick Mania for the news.

Found this in J.ME blog, therefore I'm here to share it out too. Back view of the Be@rbrick Tokidoki Fighter.

Source : J.ME


Angel*ne said...

Oh wow, can you really take apart a Bearbrick like that? I thought that it was just the head & arms?

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