Tomokazu Matsuyama (Matzu) Be@rbrick 100% & 400%

Tomokazu Matsuyama or well known as Matzu that designed for Be@rbrick Series 17 Secret and now here come the new design from Matzu. I know about the Matzu Be@rbrick is coming since last year Medicom Toy Exhibition in June but due to not much info therefore unable to confirm which one is it.

Now we get to know this is the upcoming design from Matzu. I'm a person that like white a lot, therefore this is really a nice Be@rbrick design with some calligraphy art. Official information is not yet release but I think this will be one of the Be@rbrick to be show in this month updates and I think the release date for this also is around end of February or March.

Just found out that this Be@rbrick Set will release on 10 March. So we will see this in February updates.

Source : - Be@rbrick Mania -


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