Be@rbrick Fans new home

It is going to be 6 months old for this blog as since I started at Sept 2009. First of all I would like to thanks all my reader as had been following this blog. Appreciate your visit to my blog. I decided to close this blog but don’t worry, this is not a Bye message for my readers. I won’t leave all my reader with my latest updates and news of Be@rbrick as I love Be@rbrick a lot just like you do.

Start from today I will post Be@rbrick news in a new place, ToyBeast. Actually I had been posting in ToyBeast for quite sometime if you didn’t notice that. Now I decided to focus in one blog in order to serve you all with more news of Be@rbrick in future. Everything will be the same just a different domain name. So please go to ToyBeast and continue support me.

Remember to join the Toy Beast Facebook Fans page and Twitter if you haven’t. My current Be@rbrick Fans email is still valid as I will regularly check from time to time. You also can contact me with my new email, [adrian]@[]. Share with me the latest news that you know or anything regarding Be@rbrick.

Thanks for all your support.


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