Be@rbrick Series 19

This is the next Be@rbrick Series 19 that will be release next month, 18 Dec. Let's we identify the Be@rbrick.

From left to right, top to bottom.

1) Basic - (Orange color)
2) JellyBean - (Seem like a light blue color)
3) Pattern - (How nice if is a flock. Anywhere who know? Maybe it is really a flock.)
4) Flag - (Spain)
5) Horror - (Uglydoll. Maybe there will be a secret for Uglydoll)
6) SF - (Star Trek)
7) Cute - (Shoko Nakagawa)
8) Animal - (Not sure for this design.)
9) Artist - (Jimmy SPA)
10) Artist - (Bad Robot)

Personally, my all time favourite JellyBean is nice. I like the color. While other preference for this Series is the Pattern, Horror, SF and Artist (Jimmy SPA). As the Artist (Jimmy SPA) is the last second therefore we think it is the 4% Artist while the Bad Robot is 1% Artist. This is nice for those that getting 1 case.

* All this is based on personal point of view.


Anonymous said...

its gonna be a great series! cant wait for it to drop :)

a.c said...

Same here. Can't wait for this cool series.

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