Be@rbrick 100% + 400% Caperino & Peperone "art of sleeping"

Caperino & Peperone or in short Cap & Pep, released the new Be@rbrick called as "art of sleeping". This is come in 100% and 400%. The 100% is a bundle with CD Boxset. Nice packaging for the 100%.

Picture taken from cafe Be@rbrick

Here is the 400% version that I collected last weekend.

There is something special with this Be@rbrick. This is a thermo Be@rbrick. What does this mean? A thermo Be@rbrick will change color/design when it is hot and it will back to normal when it is cold. At the top, the Be@rbrick is in cold mode and now here is the picture of how it look like when it is hot. That is the special of a thermo Be@rbrick.

I had recorded a video of the changes effect but due to some problem, I still having difficulty in uploading the video. Will post the video once I uploaded.

Cap & Pep designed by KUNTZEL+DEYGAS

More about Cap & Pep.


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