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It is going to be 6 months old for this blog as since I started at Sept 2009. First of all I would like to thanks all my reader as had been following this blog. Appreciate your visit to my blog. I decided to close this blog but don’t worry, this is not a Bye message for my readers. I won’t leave all my reader with my latest updates and news of Be@rbrick as I love Be@rbrick a lot just like you do.

Start from today I will post Be@rbrick news in a new place, ToyBeast. Actually I had been posting in ToyBeast for quite sometime if you didn’t notice that. Now I decided to focus in one blog in order to serve you all with more news of Be@rbrick in future. Everything will be the same just a different domain name. So please go to ToyBeast and continue support me.

Remember to join the Toy Beast Facebook Fans page and Twitter if you haven’t. My current Be@rbrick Fans email is still valid as I will regularly check from time to time. You also can contact me with my new email, [adrian]@[]. Share with me the latest news that you know or anything regarding Be@rbrick.

Thanks for all your support.

Toy Story Be@rbrick in June 2010

Ironman teaser was posted not too long ago, and now another new teaser is posted. Toy Story is coming to Be@rbrick too. OMG.... My favourite cartoon...... Woody? Buzz LightYear....
Seriously can't wait to see it.

Source : ToyBeast

Posted in ToyBeast as a teaser picture for the upcoming Be@rbrick. Based on the teaser picture is it showed the Ironman is coming for Be@rbrick. Release in June 2010. No information yet for this Be@rbrick. Hope soon we will know more about this.

Source : ToyBeast

Invincible Be@rbrick 100%

Previously I already posted the upcoming Be@rbrick of Taiwan shop, INVINCIBLE with Medicom Toy. Now it seem to be official. Invincible Be@rbrick will release in April with the price tag NT680. 

Maybe this can be get from some Taiwan online shop. I will post it out if I found any. So for those interested, maybe can get it too. But for my personal opinion, this is just like the Be@rbrick Series - Snake Skin with a Thermo effect.

Stay tune for more.

New Hiroshi Fujiwara Be@rbrick?

ToyBeast just posted as they get to know Hiroshi Fujiwara is working on a new Be@rbrick and it going to release in June. My first taught is, could this be Be@rbrick Series 20 since June is the the month for Series. Well we hope to get more information soon. We can't wait for more. Check it out more at ToyBeast.

Be@rbrick Nitraid (Clear ver.)

Be@rbrick Nitraid that released in mid of 2008 now comes in clear transparent version.

Source : - Be@rbrick Mania -


I posted about the M@RIBRICK before and now this Be@rbrick get official. M@RIBRICK is going to release in August 2010 and carry the price tag 2,700 YEN. Pre-order start now at the website until end of April 2010.

Click here for more info.

Source : - Be@rbrick Mania -