The Be@rbrick fever is begin

The Be@rbrick fever is begin soon. As of previously information the Be@rbrick Series 19 will be available on 18-Dec. Now lot of major toys store at Japan stated the release date is on next week, 22-Dec.

While I'm checking some of the news related to Be@rbrick Series 19, this is what I found it.

Hint 1 : This "BASIC" series is determined by warm salmon pink.
Hint 2 : Leopard pattern might be secret. Leopard is by Furokki Nomaruasoto
Hint 2 : Special Artist : Kuraishi Kazuki "KZK" and BADROBOT .

I translated this from a Japanese website, therefore some of the word might not be correct.

The Basic, to me is seem like orange color. It said determined by warm salmon pink, salmon is orange and it said warm, can it be a Thermo?

Since after the official picture is released, I taught Pattern (Leopard) is designed by KZK, but it said is by Furokki Nomaruasoto. I have no idea who is this person. The name might be wrong due to direct translation.

Special Artist, based on the picture, the artist is Jimmy and Badrobot. Hmmm maybe KZK design is not in the picture and it will be as Secret.

* All this is based on my personal assumption with direct translation from Japan website.

Another wild guess, I really do hope Pattern are one of the Secret. A snow leopard (white) pattern will be cool.

Can't wait for Be@rbrick Series 19. This is a great Series.

Maybe you all can share with me your opinion for this Series 19 also.


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