Be@rbrick Series 19 - My Lucky Day

Just back from Action City, for the Premier Release of Be@rbrick. So as usual I'm getting 1 case of Be@rbrick.

As usual lot of people at Action City for the Be@rbrick Series 19 release. Meetup some collector and enjoy the moment. So wonder what I get?

I think probably I consider lucky enough. I like the Hidden a lot. Really hope I can get it.

And my wish is come true once again. Yes.... I got the Stussy Be@rbrick.

Really happy when I opened this. Is like YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT IT!!!!

Between Action City also released the Birthday Be@rbrick. But I think not many people notice that. All full attention to the Series 19. Get my birthday month. I think this is a very ideal gift for X'mas too. So anyone want to buy one for me as X'mas gift? I don't mind to have another August Birthday Be@rbrick.

Well here are all the pictures. I will take each of the Be@rbrick picture and post it soon. Give me sometime.

I'm here to wish all my reader, Happy Merry X'mas. Enjoy your weekend.


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