My Birthday Be@rbrick

This Birthday Be@rbrick was released on the same day as Be@rbrick Series 19 at Action City, The Garden. Of course all the attention toward the Premier Release of Be@rbrick Series 19 but as I’m Be@rbrick collector, for sure I will check it. Seriously when I saw this Birthday Be@rbrick, I feel that all the 12-month Be@rbrick looks nice. Wanted to bring all home but too bad my wallet not allow me to do so.

So I bought my own month that is number 8 that represent August. Let me show you in detail what is so special with this Birthday Be@rbrick.

Obviously you can see the number 8 that represent the month, but not only that as the left side hand do have the month name.

Another special of this Birthday Be@rbrick is you can put your date and blood type to attach with the Be@rbrick.

Number from 1 to 31 and blood type for you to attach on the string. Seriously I think this is meaningful as it represent you birthday date together with your blood type.

This is how it look like when my birthday date tag is attached. So now you know my birthday date. :P

The key of this Be@rbrick is the eyes have the Crystalized Swaorvski Element. That is your birth month crystal color.

Isn’t this is a great Be@rbrick. So drop by Action City Malaysia for this cool stuff. Get one for your love one too.


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